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The more we all do to FireSmart our properties and be personally prepared, the more resilient we will be during this fire season. The District is assessing and addressing areas of concern related to its properties and individual and business owners should do the same. Here are some quick FireSmarting tips to consider:

  • A FireSmart yard includes making smart choices for your plants, shrubs, grass, and mulch.
  • Changes within 10 metres of your home will have the biggest impact.
  • Consider pruning trees. Removing fine, dry, and dead material.
  • Firewood piles should be stored 10 metres or further from your house.
  • An estimated 90% of homes damaged or destroyed by wildland fire are ignited by traveling sparks and embers. Regular cleaning in the corners of your yard where needles and debris build up will leave nothing for embers to ignite.

For more information and to download the full homeowners guide to FireSmarting your property, visit