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Corporate Services

Chief Administrative Officer (CAO)

The CAO acts as Council's principal policy advisor while overseeing the overall administration of the District, its officers and employees. The CAO is charged with keeping Council up to date on corporate matters and ensuring that Council policy is implemented, and ensuring the financial affairs of the District are being properly managed and by-laws are enforced. The CAO promotes the District through economic development and other initiatives and provides for the overall emergency planning preparedness. The CAO liaises with community organizations, other municipalities, adjacent first nations, provincial and federal agencies and departments.

Corporate Services

Corporate Services is responsible for supporting the legislative matters and decisions of Council and for providing the official secretariat for Council and all other statutory bodies within the corporation. This function includes  agenda preparation, recording of official minutes, administration and certification of bylaws, and the execution of all legal documentation on behalf of the District. The department is responsible for providing Council with up-to-date legislative, statutory and procedural information in which local governments operate. Corporate Services also administers the corporate records management program and is responsible for compliance with Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy (FOI) legislation. The department conducts the triennial general local and school district elections, as well as by-elections and referenda.

This department also oversees the Human Resources, Bylaw Services and encourages bylaw compliance on various property maintenance standards, nuisance, dog control, noise, parking, traffic, business licence, illegal dumping, litter, graffiti, and controlled substance bylaws currently in force.

Get Involved

  • Attend Council Meetings: Council appreciates your interest in local government and has made it a priority to be accessible by providing opportunities for you to participate at Council meetings. Regular Council meetings are held on the second and fourth Monday of each month. 

    When schedules change, as they do periodically, notice is given in the Hope Standard and on notice boards posted at the District and posted on the District of Hope's website.

  • Participate on a District Committee: Council appoints community members to participate on various District Committees. Ads are placed into the local newspaper as a position becomes vacant.

    Council Committees: Currently there are no vacancies

  • Write to Mayor and Council or meet with the Mayor: We encourage you to write to the Mayor and Council on various issues of concern. The Mayor is also available to meet with members of the public. Call the District office to set up your appointment or write to the Mayor and Council at P.O. Box 609, Hope, BC, V0X 1L0 or

  • Run for Office: All mayors and councilors are elected for a four-year term. Any Canadian citizen who is eligible to vote in the province of British Columbia is qualified to run for election as a council or board member unless you are an employee of the municipality (unless a leave of absence is taken). Election day falls on the third Saturday of November. The nomination period begins at 9:00 am on the 46th day before the general voting day and ends at 4:00 pm on the 36thday before the general voting day. You only need two people who are qualified electors in the District of Hope to nominate you for office in an upcoming election.


Find out more about your local government: Local Government in BC: A Community Effort


John Fortoloczky
Director of Corporate Services
Donna Bellingham
Deputy Corporate Officer
Branden Morgan
Records CoordinatorJenette Wallace
Human ResourcesOksana
Bylaw ServicesQuima Padgett
Dan Gauvin