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Bylaw Enforcement & Animal Control Services

Bylaw Enforcement is a service provided through the Corporate Services Department to promote bylaw compliance through civic responsibility and good neighbour practices as they relate to various property maintenance standards, nuisance, dog control, noise, parking, traffic, business licence, illegal dumping, litter, graffiti, and controlled substance bylaws currently in force.

The District's Bylaw Enforcement Officers investigate complaints about alleged violations and answers general inquires relating to the interpretation of these bylaws and conducts inspections of properties to see that certain standards are being complied with. Priority is given to those complaints regarding health or public safety issues. All other complaints are dealt with in order of receipt. In determining if an action is necessary, the staff takes into consideration the impact, the number of complaints on the same issue, the duration of the offence, short term and long term impact, the potential for precedents and the resources available to resolve a complaint. Not all complaints require action or intervention by the District, as some issues are considered either as a civil matter between the two property owners, or as minor non-enforceable infractions.

Dog Control

Dog Control ensures responsible dog ownership as set out in the Dog Responsibility Bylaw and mandates the humane treatment of dogs within our District.  All dogs are required to be licensed after four (4) months.

Dog Owners are to ensure the following:

  • Ensure your dogs are not running at large and are on a leash at all times when off the owner's property.
  • Pick up your dog's excrement.
  • Prevent your dog from barking disturbances.
  • Limit the number of dogs and cats to no more than five (5) pets per property; no more than three (3) dogs or three (3) cats per property (a combination within the limits, not to exceed 5 in total).
  • Ensure quality of care by providing clean drinking water and suitable quality and quantity of food; provide exercise, veterinary medical care, and protection from heat, cold and wet.
  • Prevent your dog from biting, threatening, or chasing other animals, or jumping on people.
  • Do not leave your dog unattended while tethered.
  • Do not leave your dog in a vehicle.
  • Do not transport dogs in the back of a truck, unless it is confined in a pen or a cage, or unless it is secured in a body harness or other manner of fastening to prevent it from jumping or falling off the vehicle or otherwise injuring itself.

Have you recently received a municipal ticket? Have questions? Answers to common questions can be found on our "Bylaws Frequently Asked Questions Facts" page.

Bylaw Services is available Monday to Friday between 9:00 am – 4:00 pm (excluding statutory holidays) through the following numbers:

Bylaw Services

Quima Padgett & Dan Gauvin
(604) 869-5671

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