Snow Clearing

January 7, 2022 - Our community has experienced a significant amount of snowfall this past month with another 40-60cm overnight depending on where you live.  District of Hope staff have been working through the night, including several contractors hauling snow from the commercial sector in an effort to stay ahead of the forecasted snow.  All available equipment and resources are actively plowing streets in a priority sequence per policy.  We have brought on additional resources this morning to move through the plowing priority system as quickly as we can.  We are asking residents to stay home, if at all possible, to avoid congestion on the roadways until such time as we have been able to clear passage.  For those that do need to venture out, please drive carefully and choose a main route as they are prioritized first. Please be assured that District staff work closely with Ambulance, Fire and other first responders to redirect resources as necessary should an emergent situation require.

Thank you for your continued patience and understanding.


January 4, 2022 - The District thanks residents for their ongoing patience and understanding as we experience this series of heavy snow and rainfalls.  We are working hard at plowing and continue to bring on board contractor assistance where possible.  We have two additional plow-capable trucks on order but due to COVID and supply-chain issues, they could not be delivered within normal timelines.  Our limited staff continues to work overtime and are anticipating and planning for the next snowfall. 

 Please note the Snow Removal Policy and Priority Map which indicates plowing priorities.  Please see the links below or go to our website at

 Council will be briefed on this series of snowfalls and potential ways to improve results for the upcoming budget considerations.


December 2021 - The District of Hope is actively clearing snow around the community and we ask for the continued patience of the residence as our crews navigate this challenge.  With the predicted upcoming inclement weather, the District crews will be trying to scrape the roads, which will result in snow buildup at driveway entrances. 

The District does try to minimize the impact of this, however in an effort to get all areas covered, you can expect to see the crews working around the clock to get caught up.