Smoke Alarms Save Lives

The District of Hope Fire Department along with Fire Chief Tom DeSorcy, have joined with the Fire Chiefs' Association of BC (FCABC) in promoting working smoke alarms in our province through a special campaign launched this year.

Through a series of Public Service Announcements and a just released video, the campaign targets residents, homeowners, landlords, emergency service personnel and community care workers.

A study of almost 50,000 fires in Alberta, British Columbia and Ontario from October 2006 to 2011 showed:

  • The death rate per 1,000 fires was 74% greater when a working smoke alarm was not present than when one was present.
  • Greater risk of fatality from residential structure fires for households with at least one young child, older adult, or person with disability; rental units; and households in low-income areas, rural communities and First Nations reserves.
  • Fire damage was reduced by 19% when a working smoke alarm was present.

  • Given that these three provinces are home to 62% of all Canadians, it was extrapolated that 69 deaths (a decrease of 32%) could be prevented each year if all Canadian homes had working smoke alarms.

    Visit the Working Smoke Alarms Website to view all the videos and learn more about this campaign.


    Tom DeSorcy, CFO
    Fire Chief
    604-869-5607 Ext 317