(Note to smartphone and tablet users Please turn-off the auto correct feature when applying for your Home Owner Grant online using your phones or tablets as invalid applications could be submitted.)


The 2020 Home Owner Grants will be available to claim online at the end of May

Steps to Claim your Home Owner Grant Online:

1. Locate your roll number and e-Hog password on the front of your tax notice
2. CLICK HERE to begin the home owner grant process
3. Enter your roll number and password – click on “Login Now”
4. Choose “Apply Now”
5. Select “Basic” or “Additional” home owner grant – Not both
6. Enter requested information and then select “Apply Now”
7. Print confirmation before exiting the program

Application Deadline

Eligible home owners must complete a grant application each year.  To avoid penalties on the grant amount, submit the grant online, or deliver to the District of Hope by July 2, 2020. 

The 10% penalty date is October 1, 2020.  

Retroactive Home Owner Grant Application for the Prior Year

If you did not claim the Home Owner Grant for the prior year, please contact the District Office and request an application for Retroactive Home Owner Grant or Click here
to complete the form online.  Print and submit the completed form to the District of Hope Office.

For assistance please call the District of Hope Property Tax Department at (604) 869-5671 or visit the District Hall at 325 Wallace Street, Hope, BC.