Notice of Public Hearing - 1275 7th Ave.

Notice of Public Hearing to consider Official Community Plan Amendment Bylaws 1530 & 1531 for a Portion of the Property at 1275 Seventh Avenue, Monday August 29, 2022 at 6:30 pm at the Hope and District Recreation Centre Conference Room at 1005 6th Ave, Hope BC.

Pursuant to Section 465 of the Local Government Act, notice is hereby given that at the above referenced meeting, Council will give the public the opportunity to express their views in order to assist them in deciding whether the proposed amendment bylaws for a portion of the property at 1275 Seventh Avenue should proceed.  The intent of the meeting to be held on August 29, 2022 is for the District of Hope Mayor and Council to read the public submissions received to-date and to give the public the opportunity to speak to Council.

Intent of the Proposed Amendment Bylaw

To redesignate and rezone the southwestern 0.79 hectare (1.95 acre) portion of the property from Institutional
(P-2) to a site specific Comprehensive Development (CD-10) zone in order to permit a fifty-six (56) unit supportive housing and a fifteen (15) bed shelter building.




John Fortoloczky
Chief Administrative Officer

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