Facilities Master Plan

With the onset of better asset management programs and practices; the Provinces has mandated these be adopted by municipalities in order for the following:

  1. Encourage municipalities to undertake formal asset management practices so as to best address the current state of infrastructure deficits being experienced by all BC municipalities.
  2. Make the use of these best practices by municipalities (as laid out in BC Asset Management Framework) mandatory in order to apply for infrastructure grants.

Council, in an effort to move forward with adopting the BC Asset Management Framework has already had staff undertake the research and planning to establish District plans like; Pavement Master Plan, Sewer Master Plan, etc.  The Facilities Master Plan is another key piece of this Asset Management Framework.

As part of developing and adopting this Plan, Council directed the necessary research, feasibility studies, and options development be undertaken with regard to all District­ owned buildings and what to do to ensure the District has just the right type, and capacity of buildings that meet the needs of today- but also out 25 years or more into the future.

As this is a strategic and impactful plan, you are being asked to respond to a few specific questions and provide some general comments prior to the plan be finalized. Your answers and thoughts are important and will be considered by Council prior to making any decisions.

Please bear in mind that this Plan is a very high-level policy-based document that will not provide the exact site plans, building plans, and costs.  Rather it will set out general concepts and policies regarding the following:

  1. Confirm the present condition of the District's buildings.
  2. Confirm the present and predicted District requirements of its buildings out 25 years and more.
  3. Establish a priority for which facilities are to be modified and/or replaced.
  4. Confirm the general location of any upgrades or new builds.
  5. Establish a general timetable for the planned repairs, upgrades, or new builds to occur.
  6. Establish an estimate of costs related to projects contained within the general timetable.
  7. Support the general timetable with a financial framework consisting of investment timelines, when and if to sell other non-critical District-owned properties (e.g., lots within residential areas, etc.) to raise funds, and whether or not to borrow­ roughly how much, when, and for what facilities.

Only after this Plan is adopted, will detailed plans and action be taken according to the priorities reflected in the plan timetable.  Please refer to the documents below before completing the survey.

Your time in reading the background, familiarizing yourself with the work, answering the questions and giving us your considered opinion is greatly appreciated.

Please provide your feedback via the electronic survey linked here.  The survey will be open until April 16th, 2021.