PDF icon Building Bylaw 972 (300.71 KB)
Consolidated to 2007
PDF icon Bylaw Disclaimer (8.23 KB)
PDF icon Dog Responsibility Bylaw 1245 (837.62 KB)
Dog Responsibility Bylaw
PDF icon Fire Bylaw 1006 (169.18 KB)
PDF icon Good Neighbour Bylaw 1240 (935.89 KB)
Good Neighbour Bylaw
PDF icon Mobile Home Parks Bylaw 63/93 (175.94 KB)
Consolidated to 1994
PDF icon Revitalization Tax Exemption Bylaw No. 1353,2014.pdf (157.26 KB)
Revitalization Tax Exemption Bylaw No. 1353, 2014
PDF icon Sign Bylaw 35/96 (269.94 KB)
Consolidated to 2013
PDF icon Smoking Control Bylaw (159.54 KB)
PDF icon Tax Rate Bylaw 2018 (135.15 KB)
PDF icon Traffic Bylaw No. C020 (295.85 KB)
Consolidated to 2013
PDF icon Water Regulation Bylaw 1271 (239.99 KB)
Water Regulation Bylaw 1271
PDF icon Zoning Bylaw 1324 (1.07 MB)
Consolidated to Sept 2014
PDF icon Zoning Bylaw Map (1.86 MB)
Schedule B 2012

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