Zoning Bylaw

The following is for information purposes only. If any paragraph(s), sentence(s), clause(s) or phrase(s) found on this internet webpage is found invalid from the Bylaw referenced, the Bylaw shall take precedence and is the paramount legislation. 

The Zoning Bylaw is a local government document that communities rely on for land use management. The Zoning Bylaw contains provisions that regulate the use, size, height, density and location of buildings on properties within the District. The basic purpose of a zoning bylaw is to regulate what you can build, how big the building can be on a property. Use(s) or the entitlement of use varies zone to zone.  

For all zones, there are a list of specific permitted principal and accessory uses followed by a number of provisions such as:

  • Conditions of use (which may have specific provisions for certain uses or may provide reference to other applicable provisions found in the Bylaw);
  • Requirements for Subdivision (usually provides a minimal parcel sizes in relation to servicing);
  • Site Coverage, Density, Building Height and Setbacks.

Most Zoning Bylaw’s are accompanied with an associated Zoning Map which identifies the different zones (zoning districts) on real property. Each of the zones encompasses an area defined by properties and bears an abbreviated symbol from the Zoning Bylaw.

The complete copy of "Zoning Bylaw No. 1324, 2012" and Zoning Map, Schedule “B” is provided for information purposes only, and the District of Hope will not be responsible for its validity or completeness. Where applicable, zoning text amendment bylaws have been consolidated with the original bylaw. Individuals wishing to quote from or use the bylaw should consult the Corporate Services Department to ensure it is current and in force.

For legal and other purposes, a certified copy of the official version may be obtained from the Corporate Services Department:

325 Wallace Street,
Hope, BC
V0X 1L0
Telephone: (604) 869-5671

Any inquiries regarding the general content of the Zoning Bylaw or current zoning of a particular property, should contact the Community Development Department at (604) 869-5671.

Zoning Bylaw 1324

 Zoning Bylaw Map

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