Yale St. Corridor Project

The Yale St. Rehabilitation project is designed to a collector road standard and prioritizes active transportation through the inclusion of a 3m multi-use path (MUP), curb extensions to promote traffic calming along the corridor, and incorporating a parking lane on the west side of the road. This option includes the following road and utility improvements:

  • Construction of pedestrian facilities (Sidewalk and MUP);
  • Full depth reclamation of existing road structure;
  • Additional road structure to widen corridor to include 3.5m lanes, 2.4m parking lane, curb and gutter, 2m raised concrete sidewalk and boulevard and driveway restoration;
  • Minor road realignments / intersection improvements;
  • Curb extension installation at intersections;
  • Stormwater management improvements (stormwater main replacement / installation, CB installation, etc.);
  • Water system replacement (Approx. 150m of watermain);
  • Sanitary system replacement (Approx. 200m of sanitary main);

For more information please contact;

Kevin Dicken, Director of Operations
604 869-2333 ext.402


Supporting Documents:

Site Plan




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