Land Use & Development

The following is for information purposes only. If any paragraph(s), sentence(s), clause(s) or phrase(s) found on this page is found invalid from the Bylaw referenced, the Bylaw shall take precedence and is the paramount legislation.
A Development Permit (DP) is a type of development approval given by Council.  Specific areas of the District of Hope have been designated as DP areas in the Official Community Plan.  Each of these areas has a set of development guidelines which specify the District’s development objectives for that area. Some DP areas overlap with other DP areas and would require multiple approvals.

A DP is required for most work done on a property within a Development Permit Area (DPA), including but not limited to:
1. Prior to the subdivision of land;
2. Prior to site preparation or soil movement;
3. Prior to locating of any mobile or modular home;
4. Prior to any construction or alteration of a building or structure, landscaping, or additions, unless specifically exempted in Part III of the District of Hope Official Community Plan (OCP) (contact District Planning Staff for details).
5. When you want to significantly amend an existing DP; or
6. When District Staff determines that your development proposal requires a DP.

DPAs are described in detail in Part III of the OCP and are identified as:

A:  Flood & Erosion Hazards Development Permit Area
B:  Geotechnical Hazard Development Permit Area
C:  Streamside Protection Development Permit Area
D:  Form & Character Development Permit Areas
• Downtown Hope Revitalization Form & Character Development Permit Area #1
• Rail & Highway Service Corridor Form & Character Development Permit Area #2
• Hope Intensive Residential Development Form & Character Development Permit Area #3

Please be advised that DPA requirements are IN ADDITION TO the Zoning Bylaw requirements and a DP approval would have to be obtained prior to making building permit application.

The complete copy of “Official Community Plan Bylaw No. 1378” is provided for information purposes only, and the District of Hope will not be responsible for its validity or completeness. Where applicable, Official Community Plan (OCP) text amendment bylaws have been consolidated with the original bylaw. Individuals wishing to quote from or use the bylaw should consult the Corporate Services Department to ensure it is current and in force.

For legal and other purposes, a certified copy of the official version may be obtained from the Corporate Service Department:
325 Wallace Street,
Hope, BC
V0X 1L0.
Telephone: (604) 869-5671.

Any inquiries regarding the general content of the OCP or to determine if a particular property would be subject to a DPA, a person should contact the Community Development Department at (604) 869-5671.

District of Hope Integrated Official Community Plan Bylaw No  1378 2016

IOCP Land Use & Hazard Maps


District of Hope Integrated Official Community Plan Bylaw No  1378 2016

IOCP Land Use & Hazard Maps

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