District Services

The District of Hope is committed to providing quality services to residents and businesses alike. For specific information, please consult the following pages:

Planning & Community Development - Information about the Department, which is responsible for regulating and controlling building inside the District.

Building - Information about the Building Section of the Community Development Department.

Bylaw Enforcement - Information about the department that provides the public with information about the various policies, procedures, and bylaws in force in Hope.

Corporate Services - Administration oversees the overall management of the corporate body of the District, its officers and employees and is led by the CAO. In addition, Administration keeps Council up to date on corporate matters, ensuring that Council policy is implemented and bylaws are enforced, elections, administration of the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act, and human resources.

Operations (Public Works) - The department responsible for the programming, design, maintenance, and inspection of Public Works services.

Financial Services - Information about the department responsible for the municipality's finances, including the preparation of the annual budget.

Fire Department - General information about the District of Hope Volunteer Fire Department.