Customer Service Improvements

The District of Hope is reorganizing how it provides clerical support to its departments and customer service at the District Hall. Previously there was administrative staff at the Operations Yard along with clerical staff dedicated to Community Development and Finance. In addition the District only had one dedicated full-time front desk customer service clerk. Management has undertaken an in-depth study of the duties of these positions and determined that reorganization is desired. As a result and, without adding to the current staffing levels, three new positions have been created that will provide clerical support to all departments along with an increased capacity to improve customer service at the front desk.   Again, the goal is to have current District clerical staff migrate to these positions.

The benefits of these changes include;

  • Improved efficiency in clerical support to all departments
  • Increased career opportunities for clerical staff through hierarchical clerical positions which allow for career progression
  • Improved customer service with the goal of two people at the front desk to respond to ratepayers
  • “One stop shopping” as all ratepayer inquiries will be handled at the District Hall
  • Reduced cost as casual employees should not be required to backfill the current single customer service clerk or augment the front desk at tax time and,
  • All with no net increase in District staff as a result.

District Administration continues to strive for greater ratepayer value while improving overall service to the public.



John Fortoloczky, CAO