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Solid waste collection

November 22, 2021 Due to the unprecedented...

Atmospheric River Event

The most current update will be posted at the...

Water Utility Amalgamation Project

The District of Hope hosted a Public Information...

Atmospheric River Event

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November 27, 2021

For the latest highway restrictions and closures, please check www.drivebc.ca


November 26, 2021

From Mayor Peter Robb,

Two more atmospheric river events are forecasted to take place this weekend and Tuesday-Wednesday next week.  The District has not relaxed its emergency preparedness posture since the events of the 14th and 15th of November.  In fact, with the luxury of more time and increased collaboration with Provincial authorities, we are all better prepared for these next events. 

Our Emergency Operations Centre remains activated, and continues to monitor the situation, and meets daily.  District Operations is cleaning up effects of the last weather event, while monitoring and being prepared to address these next two predicted atmospheric rivers.

However, it remains that individuals and families must be prepared in case of emergency.  In case of sustained power outages or ordered evacuation have you made arrangements with family or friends to stay for a while?  Please remember that warnings, alerts, and orders will be communicated to those residents effected, including by door-to-door notification.

Please continue to check our website at www.hope.ca and our District Facebook page and monitor the Alertable App  for the latest information.

November 25, 2021

The recycling depot located at the Mattress Recycling facility, 1046 - 4th Avenue, will be closed until further notice.


November 24, 2021

In light of the forecasted precipitation, anyone wishing sandbags and to fill them can make arrangements by calling District Hall at (604) 869-5671. We are open from 8.30 AM to 4.30 PM daily.


From Mayor Peter Robb,

We continue to monitor current weather reports from Environment Canada and adjust our plan as needed. Our staff are constantly checking our high risk sites to record and react to any changes.

Both rivers have receded to normal November levels.

You can help our community by being prepared with your own emergency kit. Do you have a small bag packed with clothing ,food and water for 3 days, flashlight for power outages and prescriptions you may need?

As you and the District of Hope prepare for any new weather events, staff continue to address our needs around recovery. Our MP Mark Strahl met with us yesterday to be updated on our current situation and future plans.


November 22, 2021

Disaster Financial Assistance

On November 18, 2021 the Province of BC released that Disaster Financial Assistance (DFA) is now available for eligible British Columbians in southwest, central and southeast areas of the province and Vancouver Island who were affected by flooding and landslides from Nov. 14-16, 2021.  Once declared, the DFA program may compensate applicants for essential uninsurable losses.  The link below will provide the process for individuals, small businesses, farms and charitable organizations:

Donations for Food, Supplies and Financial

Donations of food, supplies and any financial donations should be directed to the Red Cross:  https://www.redcross.ca/
At this time the District of Hope is no longer taking any food or supply donations.

November 20, 2021

From Mayor Peter Robb,

The continued patience and community spirit displayed by our local community and surrounding First Nations remains incredible.  This is important not only to support each other now, but also as we transition into the longer-term recovery phase of this event.  Council and I have been working closely with Staff and our Emergency Operations Centre throughout this event.

The District of Hope’s situation is improving. With the opening of Highway 7, resupply to food stores has been arriving and other than eggs or milk, no critical shortages are noted.  In fact, this situation should return to a more or less normal state next week.  So, it remains that we should continue to avoid purchasing more than we need.  As a result, food distribution for those directly affected by the flooding will be transferred to the Hope Food Bank after today.  For more information, please contact Hope Community Services at (604) 869-2466.

Food and supplies have been, and will continue to be diverted to our regional small communities and First Nations to assist with their needs.  This is being coordinated through the Fraser Valley Regional District.

Local fuel supplies remain a concern and we have been working with Provincial authorities to work with commercial suppliers to prioritize fuel deliveries to the District Hope.  There is still fuel here but we need to be careful to not waste any.

District of Hope staff continue to address our needs as we move through to recovery.  In particular the creation of a long-term infrastructure and public space recovery plan.  We should have no doubt that this will take time and money.  Our intention is to make use of any forthcoming disaster relief funding as made available by the Federal and Provincial Governments.


Food Distribution Centre Update

Just a reminder that the food distribution centre is scheduled from 10am to 6pm.  and it may have to close early if stocks run out more quickly than expected.


November 19, 2021

From Mayor Peter Robb,

As per my recent letter to our residents, it is nearly impossible to thank everyone for their support and assistance throughout the actual weather event and now moving through to community recovery operations. I would however like to add our surrounding First Nations neighbours, BC Ambulance, Fraser Health, and the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure. No doubt there will be many more to come.


November 18, 2021

Food Distribution Centre Opening

A food distribution centre will open for those hosting stranded travellers or those in need as a result of the recent weather event. It will be at the Hope Recreation Ice Arena tomorrow at 8.30am until 7.30pm.

Saturday November 20, 2021 the food distribution centre will be open from 10am to 6pm.


From Mayor Peter Robb,

We have just come through one of, if not our largest community emergency situation in recent memory. Our community came together as I knew it would.

As your Mayor, I’m very proud of how many members of our community stepped up to help us in so many ways. From housing, feeding, and giving comfort to over 1200 unexpected guests, you made all the difference. A very special thanks needs to be made to those who opened up their homes, volunteered their time to attend and work at the Reception Centres, and donated items like bedding, food, etc. We should all be very proud of their community spirit and concern for the public good. However, support continues to be needed as we still have a significant number of guests who cannot yet go home.

We are not in a dire situation. Despite some road and water course erosion, seepage, and overland flooding in low level areas, there were no major infrastructure failures. Fortunately, we did not declare a local state of emergency as we did not need to order evacuations. The District is now in the recovery stage of this event. We are working diligently and effectively with the Federal and Provincial Governments, along with community organizations to get back to normal and establish travel back into and out of Hope. It is highly evident that other hard hit communities need Provincial and other resources more than we do.

There are so many organizations that require thanks and I apologize in advance if I miss a few. These include:

School Division 78 – their administration, staff and families
District of Hope staff and their families
Our faith community
CN Rail along with VIA Rail
Trans Mountain along with their contractor Kiewit
Emil Anderson Construction
Hope Fire Department
Hope Search and Rescue
Local businesses
Local service clubs

Appreciation to all who helped, and continue to do so, never seems to be enough. When you reflect on what the community just experienced, my hope is that you appreciate your neighbours and this community even more.


Recovery Operations

The District has now initiated community recovery operations after this intense weather event. The vast majority of people trapped in our community have been evacuated via the limited single-lane opening of highway 7 west and the train pick up we organized last night. There is still however, a significant number of people remaining in Hope who are not headed west.

Food and fuel supplies are limited in quantity. We ask residents to not purchase more than they need or normally would. Please rest assured that work is going on to establish priority resupply of food and fuel being brought into Hope.

District services remain limited. District Hall, along with the Transfer Station are open. Waste collection services will be restored as soon as highway road space becomes available.

Reception Centres for trapped individuals are in the process of scaling down and closing. Home placement for the very few remaining individuals is ongoing.

The Recreation Centre is open on a limited basis only. For more information, please call them on (604) 869-2304.

Road conditions and closures remain unchanged. For updates, please visit www.drivebc.ca.

The District will provide further updates as they become available. Due to current Internet limitations, if you need further information, please call us on (604) 869-5671 or come to our front desk.



The Hope Rec Centre has opened their washroom and shower facilities only for emergency community use from 8am-8pm.

Please come to the Conference Centre entrance at the back of the facility which is located at 1005 6th Ave.

If using the showers please bring a towel.

If any community members would like to donate towels, shampoo, or liquid soap, please come to the Conference Centre door and deposit items in the bins provided outside.


November 17, 2021


At 5:00pm, Hwy 7 will be OPEN to single lane, piloted traffic, westbound only for stranded travellers in Hope.

NO COMMERCIAL VEHICLES (Exception up to 1 ton trucks)

In addition, CN Rail will have a passenger train in Hope arriving at 6pm and departing again at 7pm, direct to VIA Rail Station in downtown Vancouver as an option. Est. travel time 4-4 1/5 hours.

Parking will be available in 6th Avenue park (1005 6th ave.) but you are reminded it won't be secure and there is no timeline for anyone able to return east. Crated pets only accepted in the baggage car.

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Solid waste collection

November 22, 2021 Due to the unprecedented...

Atmospheric River Event

The most current update will be posted at the...

Water Utility Amalgamation Project

The District of Hope hosted a Public Information...