2021 Grants in Aid

The District of Hope has reopened the application process for the 2021 budget year.  Grant in Aid applications for 2021 Grants in Aid will be accepted up to Friday, February 12, 2021. $10,000 has been allocated towards the 2021 budget as per District of Hope Grant in Aid Policy #203-06. The budgeted funds are to be distributed amongst the applicants, at Council’s discretion.

Applicants must provide the following details:

Services of the applicant must:

  • strengthen and enhance the well being of our community;  
  • promote volunteerism;
  • be a District of Hope and area registered non-profit society.

Services of the applicant must not:

  • offer direct financial assistance to individuals or families;
  • duplicate services that fall within the mandate of either a senior government or a local service agency;
  • be part of a provincial or national fundraising campaign

Applications are available at the District Office and here on our web site